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Welcome to the exciting world of online specialty games, where fun meets fortune and every game promises a unique adventure. We offer a diverse collection of specialty games that go beyond traditional slots and table games. Here, you'll find everything from the fast-paced excitement of bingo and keno to the instant gratification of scratch cards.

These games are perfect for players looking for quick entertainment with the potential for real money wins—so now, it’s your time to play.

Our Online Specialty Games

Our online specialty games offer a unique blend of entertainment and simplicity. These games stand apart from traditional casino games, delivering an experience that's both quick and rewarding. Let's delve into the specifics of how each game works.


Bingo is a lottery-style game that revolves around numbers. In bingo, your aim is to complete lines on a card as numbers are drawn randomly. In contrast, keno is about selecting your lucky numbers and hoping they match the drawn ones. Both games offer a thrilling blend of chance and strategy, with payouts varying based on game rules and your selected numbers.

Our most popular bingo games are the themed ones that come jam-packed with bonus features and progressive jackpots. Choose between adventures in the Amazon, a soccer game at a major stadium, deep-sea fishing, and more.


Keno is simple: all you have to do is pick up to 15 numbers from a pool of 1 to 80 and see how many hits you get. Each round costs as little as a penny and offers the potential to land massive payouts.

Scratch Cards

Our online scratch cards recreate the excitement of physical scratch-off games with added digital interactivity and engaging themes. From cool alpacas to Aztec warriors, each game gives you that instant thrill of a scratch card at the tips of your fingers, any time of day, anywhere you might be.

Arcade Games

That’s not all. We also have a selection of arcade games you can play for real money!

  • Plinko: Plinko is one of the simplest yet exceptionally exciting games. Players can win large prizes if the ball lands in one of the higher paying pockets​​.
  • Heads or Tails: This game is the epitome of simplicity. Players bet on the outcome of a coin flip, making it a straightforward yet engaging game​​.
  • Minesweeper: A classic game now available for real money play. Minesweeper combines simple entertainment with the chance to win cash prizes​​.

So, whatever floats your boat, we've got the game for you.

Why Play Online Bingo & Keno?

Bingo and keno aren’t the first games you think of when you’re at the casino; but why should you give them a go?

Play Online Specialty Games for Real Money

Playing bingo and keno online for real money is not just about the immersive experience; it’s about the chance to win, and win big. Whether it's the anticipation in Bingo as you wait for your numbers to be called or the instant reveal of a scratch card, playing for real money heightens the experience.

Play Online Specialty Games with Crypto

Playing specialty games with cryptocurrency offers several advantages:

  1. Enhanced Security: Crypto transactions are secure and anonymous, ensuring your personal information is protected.
  2. Faster Transactions: Enjoy quicker deposits and withdrawals compared to traditional banking methods.
  3. Exclusive Bonuses: Using crypto often unlocks special bonuses and promotions, enhancing your gaming experience.

We believe you should be free to choose how, when, and where you play. That’s exactly what you get when you play our games with a crypto deposit.

Play Online Specialty Games for Free

With us, you have the choice of playing our online specialty games for free. This feature is particularly beneficial for newcomers or those looking to refine their skills.

By playing for free, you can directly learn the game's rules and grasp the gameplay mechanics without any financial risk. It's an ideal way to get comfortable and familiar with the games.

So, experiment with different techniques and find out what works best for you, all without the pressure of wagering real money. Then when you decide to play for real money, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to win big.

Play on Your Mobile Device

Our specialty games are optimized for mobile play, so you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere. With intuitive interfaces and high-quality graphics, we've made it easy to play our bingo games on the go.

Our Welcome Bonus

New to the world of online casinos? Take advantage of our generous casino deposit bonus, offering up to $3,000. This bonus is a great way to get started, giving you more opportunities to try our diverse range of specialty games and potentially boost your winnings.

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