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What are Fruit Slots?

The fruit slot machine is a part of gambling folklore. In the early 1900s, the first slot game with a fruit-flavored gum dispenser was built - and cherries, lemons, oranges, and plums became an instant hit on the reels. That’s why these classic casino games, both online and offline, often use the fruit symbols in a nod to the original that made these games so famous.

Today, online fruit slots are some of the most popular in online casinos around the world. Our classic slots offer the same familiar thrill, but with the convenience of playing anywhere, anytime, at our online slots casino. Now it's your time to play.

Most Popular Fruit Slots

Some of the most popular slots at SlotsLV are fruit slots, and with good reason. Here are our top choices.

777 Deluxe

The next best thing after escaping to Vegas is playing 777 Deluxe. With straightforward gameplay, it might seem simple initially, but its fantastic features, 3D graphics, and progressive jackpots make this slot a worthy favorite for many players.

Starting off with the 3D graphics, 777 Deluxe managed to bring a game that could appear a little old-fashioned right up to date. In terms of style, it will suit fans of classic and retro slots, as symbols feature plenty of fruit, horseshoes, lucky 7s, and bells.

The progressive jackpot on this game is known to get big, too. While you probably shouldn’t base your entire gameplay on hitting the progressive jackpot, this game has plenty of smaller prizes on offer, too.

Look out for mystery symbols and scatters, as these could net you bigger wins than you might have thought possible.

We also offer a hot drop jackpots version of 777 Deluxe.

Reels and Wheels XL

If you regularly play classic fruit-style slots then you might have already played the prequel Reels and Wheels XL: Reels and Wheels. If so, you’ll love the new and improved version, with all sorts of interesting features. In terms of looks, this game is every inch the 90s classic, with a paytable always on hand to check what your win is worth. The high-paying symbols include slices of watermelon, lemons, blueberries, cherries, and diamonds. The low-paying symbols are classic playing cards.

Clicking the bonus icon is where the twist comes in, as a giant Wheel of Fortune-style spinning wheel appears in the center of the screen. Wherever the wheel lands, you’re guaranteed a pleasant surprise. You could land multipliers or a jackpot slice, leading to prizes ranging from Mini to Vegas! These higher progressive jackpots can be massive, adding a whole new layer of excitement to this game-show-style slot.

10 Times Vegas

If you’ve ever visited Vegas before, then you’ll know all about the bright neon signs that flicker along the Strip. These lights are certainly the inspiration for Ten Times Vegas, and as soon as you open it, you’ll feel like you’re right there in the middle of the casino action. The graphics will appeal to old-school gamers who enjoy classic symbols in a clean-cut style.

What will appeal to all types of gamers is just how much can be won in this simple 3x3 layout. The developer has gone to town with multipliers, wilds, respins, and progressive jackpots. If you hit the right symbols you could win up to $500k on a single spin, and if you hit the progressive jackpot then the sky really is the limit.

Our Fruit Slot Machine Collection

Looking to try out some of the best fruit slots around? These games all feature classic fruit symbols on the reels:

So, brush up on your winning combinations, scatter symbols, lines and bonus features—because you'll need them, for these classic fruit slots!

Why You Should Play Fruit Slot Games

It could be argued that fruit-themed slots are the originators of the entire genre, so it makes sense that they have a lot of fans. If you’re into an old-school aesthetic, with retro music, and classic symbols, then these will be the slot games where you’ll feel most at home.

Their pared-back design allows one thing to stand out, the gameplay. This means there’s nowhere for a poor user interface or a lack of features to hide. It’s for this reason that so many gamers enjoy themed fruit slots. They can concentrate on their bankroll, looking out for special features, and pay attention to the jackpots that they’re being offered. If you enjoy slot gaming with plenty of features and minimal distractions in terms of graphics, then you’ll probably enjoy this category of games the most.

Play Fruit Slots Online for Real Money

When you choose to play fruit slots online for real money, you're stepping into a world of excitement and potential rewards. These games offer a perfect blend of classic slot fun and the thrill of real money play. Each spin could lead to big wins, making every moment at our online casino electrifying.

Play Fruit Slots with Crypto

Bitcoin, Litecoin, and various other cryptocurrencies are welcome at SlotsLV, providing you with an added layer of security and privacy for your deposits.

Play Fruit Slots Online for Free

Our fruit slot games are available to play for free in demo mode. This is a great way to experience the fun without any risk. It's perfect for getting a feel for the games or just enjoying a relaxed gaming session.

Play on Mobile Device

Our fruit slots are mobile-friendly, ensuring that you can enjoy the thrilling experience of fruit slot gaming anytime, anywhere. Whether you're at home or on the go, these games are just a tap away on your mobile device.

Big Welcome Bonus

Get started with our generous welcome bonus. We offer a 100% welcome bonus up to $2,000 when you deposit with a card, plus 20 free Golden Buffalo spins. For crypto enthusiasts, we have a 200% crypto welcome bonus up to $3,000, along with 30 free Golden Buffalo spins. These bonuses are designed to give you a head start in your fruit slot adventures, increasing your chances of hitting those juicy wins.

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Once your deposit is complete, you're all set to dive into the exciting world of fruit slot games. The process is quick, clean, and as easy as possible. So you've got no excuse: sign up now!


Are all fruit slots old fashioned, or do some have modern features?

Nowadays, slots can have all the features of a modern slot machine but use fruit symbols to appear more classic in style. You’ll still find exciting features such as bonus rounds, and progressive jackpots in these games, just delivered in a retro package.

Can I find 3D fruit slots online?

Yes! Lots of people enjoy 3D versions as they can help you to feel fully engrossed in the game. 777 Deluxe and 777 Deluxe Hot Drop Jackpots are just two of the titles that feature 3D graphics and have a fruity theme. The way they’ve been rendered, along with the theme tune, helps you to feel like you’re playing in a real Vegas casino.

Why do so many slot machines have fruit on the reels?

This question makes total sense, why wouldn’t they have candies or vegetables? The answer lies in history. When slot machines were first invented, some were combined with gum dispensers. As a marketing scheme, the flavors were placed on the reels, creating the very first one-armed bandits.

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